Sanaz Ardebili

8 Dec

Sanaz Ardebili is born on January 30, 1983 and is proud of her Iranian roots.  If you had to describe Sanaz in one word, it would be ‘driven’.  Her personal life experiences have moulded her into the person she is today; the way she views, enjoys and contributes to life. She enjoyed the privilege of living in three different continents of the world. She was born in Iran, grew up in Belgium until age sixteen, and immigrated to Canada at age 16.  She is a well-rounded cultured individual and knows how to speak English, Dutch, French, and Farsi.  She currently lives in Montreal, but her Canadian home city is Vancouver.

Sanaz is a 2006 graduate of Simon Fraser University, BC, with Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Criminal law.   She worked in different sections of Canada’s Criminal Justice System with a range of different individuals as a means of contributing in helping to build a better society. Sanaz counselled  victims of crime, and she worked directly with offenders in a maximum security custody center.   These experiences really taught her the value of life, and showed her how blessed she truly is.  Her father, mother and sister are her only family in Canada, and they have been her best support system.
Sanaz was a 2010 finalist in the Miss Canada Universe pageant; she competed in this pageant to serve as a role model for all young women. In the past two years, Sanaz dived into the business world in the area of project management, public relations, as well as the real estate and financial industry.  She strives to be the best she can be at all times, and never rejects a challenge or learning experience.



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